Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit fly has arrived in Banyule. If left unchecked it will destroy our ability to produce fresh fruit and vegetables. Now is the perfect time to put out Wild May to attract overwintering male QFF. Place fresh Wild May liquid in QFF containers and position on the east side of the tree, 1.2-2m high within the canopy. 


Macleod Organic Community Garden

Macleod Organic Community Garden is gardened communally, growing a wide range of vegetables, berries, orchard fruit and herbs. There are no individual plots but everyone who comes to the garden is involved in planning, gardening, growing seedlings or getting involved in other projects.


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Macleod Vegie Swap


Macleod Vegie Swap is back! People bring fruit, vegies, herbs, seeds, plants or preserves. All are welcome to join in or just come and say hello!

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Lettuce and light

Lettuce and light

Light-dark requirements for lettuce seed germination Top tips: lettuce seed needs light to germinate lettuce seed has a shelf life of one year prepare a firm, moist seed bed for planting lettuce and keep seed moist at all times know the light and dark requirements for...

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5 pretty purple local plants in Banyule

5 pretty purple local plants in Banyule

Nature abhors bare earth. Where there’s bare earth, mother nature finds something to fill it. In spring, that’ll likely be weeds. Why not instead fill some small spots in your garden with something that’s pretty and local to the area? They’ll require very little (if...

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Myths about Sustainable Macleod

Myths about Sustainable Macleod

Sustainable Macleod is nearly 11 years old. We were a small group back in 2011and there are just a few of the original members still involved. It is not surprising that myths and misunderstandings have grown up over the years. Time to set some of them right! Myth #1:...

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