Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit fly arrived in Banyule 2 seasons ago. Queensland fruit fly if left unchecked will destroy our ability to produce fresh fruit and vegetables. Find out how you can take active measures to combat it.


Macleod Organic Community Garden

Macleod Organic Community Garden is gardened communally, growing a wide range of vegetables, berries, orchard fruit and herbs. There are no individual plots but everyone who comes to the garden is involved in planning, gardening, growing seedlings or getting involved in other projects.


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Growing native daisies from seed – ZOOM online

WEDNESDAY, 20 October, 7PM-8.00PM

Whether you want to start a native garden, attract native pollinators or maybe you want to grow the Murnong to eat, we’ll learn how you can easily grow your own from seed.

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10 year online celebration featuring Costa – ZOOM online


We will have a HUGE online celebration with lots of fun. As a special treat, Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia will be dropping in to say Hi. 

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Sustainable Macleod now has 19 videos on YouTube with a combined viewing of 7,150. That’s something to celebrate!

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Re-opening the community garden

Re-opening the community garden

Many of you have asked about when Macleod Organic Community Garden will be reopened for Members. Sustainable Macleod takes its duty of care to members seriously and will be taking all necessary steps to reopen safely. We are all keen to be able to get back into the...

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Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Homes

Looking around our area, it is surprising, for example, how few homes are oriented to capture winter sun and exclude hot summer sun, or how many homes are connected to gas, which is both a fossil fuel and increasingly expensive. The move to a net zero building code is...

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What actually is a weed?

What actually is a weed?

At its most basic a weed is simply a plant in the wrong place. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the plants we call weeds, it’s just they have been introduced and are impacting what you’re trying to cultivate in your garden or farm, or they have invaded bushland...

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