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Sustainable Macleod is part of the worldwide Transition Movement. Projects by Sustainable Macleod include the Macleod Vegie Swap and the Macleod Organic Community Garden and Tool Library. We run regular workshops and social events too.


Macleod Organic Community Garden

Macleod Organic Community Garden is gardened communally, growing a wide range of vegetables, berries, orchard fruit and herbs. There are no individual plots but everyone who comes to the garden is involved in planning, gardening, growing seedlings or getting involved in other projects.


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vegie swap

Vegie swap resumes

16th January 11 am – 12 noon

The Vegie Swap will be held at the Macleod Organic Community Garden on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

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We are now selling $15 workshop gift vouchers and $25 membership gift vouchers!

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Featuring the latest Macleod news along with a variety of gardening and growing tips, recipes and information on sustainable living.

How dirty is the water you’re swimming in?

How dirty is the water you’re swimming in?

Did you know there were several days earlier this month when the quality of the water in all of Melbourne’s popular swimming spots in the Yarra and Port Phillip Bay was deemed not safe to swim in? Water quality in our swimming spots often looks good enough (but who...

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The art of watering

The art of watering

Imagine for a moment that you are parched with thirst. Would a teaspoon of water quench that thirst? Or a tablespoon? Or would you need at least a full glass? Chances are that it will be the latter and yet often we do not apply the same principle to plants –...

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Eat less meat to fight climate change

Eat less meat to fight climate change

Many people these days are aware of the link between eating meat and climate change. Raising large animals, particularly beef cattle, has a significant impact on the level of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. The production of dairy products has...

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