18V Impact Driver


ONE+ 18V brushless impact driver gives you cordless convenience without sacrificing quality results. Brushless technology in the motor minimises internal friction, giving you a tool that lasts longer and performs more efficiently. The shape of the drill is designed to take pressure off your hands and wrists while you work, allowing for maximum force with minimal physical exertion.

Expect to enjoy the following features:

  • The Deck Drive function improves accuracy by slowing down the speed of the drill before it overdrives the screw into the workpiece
  • Ergo-tech grip
  • 3 easily-adjustable speed settings
  • In-built Tri-beam LED work light.

If you are new to DIY, this drill is the perfect tool for beginners, and can also be used on more advanced projects. Add it to your workshop today.

3 speed settings for use with different material and applications, Deck-Drive = Soft Start, Full Power. Auto slow down. Optimised for decking applications pairing maximum speed with controlled precision Tri-Beam LED worklight for increased visibility.